International business II st - nabór zimowy

International business II st - nabór zimowy

Magisterskie 4 SEMESTRÓW

Educational goals


Ongoing processes of globalization and regionalization determine the changes in the conditions of competition on international markets. These processes cause the constant evolution of the market environment. In order to adapt to ongoing changes skillfully, company must make decisions according to strategy in foreign markets. It requires the employment of highly qualified staff having knowledge and practical skills in the area of international trade, economics, law, international finance, international banking, international transportation and logistics. The purpose of education, specializing in "International Business" is designed to prepare graduates to apply knowledge in various aspects of economic performance of enterprises in international markets and gain the ability to use analytical methods to make strategic decisions of companies in global markets.

The Kuyavian – Pomeranian voivodeship is a region in Poland where relations with foreign companies are developing rapidly. The location in the Transport Corridor VI, the implementation of European projects and Bothnian SoNorA Logistic Corridor, which aims to integrate transport systems in Scandinavia economic centers of Central and South America and the region to improve transport accessibility - the construction of the A-1, the way the Experts S-5 gives a very good perspective the development of business relations companies in the region with foreign partners. This increases the demand for specialists in the field of international business, which was indicated by many companies, both Polish and foreign government institutions.


A graduate of the second degree studies in the "Economy" with a specialization in "International Business" gains knowledge in the field of economics, the economics of international trade, business economics, European integration, international law. 

Moreover a graduate has knowledge in:

  • functioning of commodity markets and the global market,
  • business activities in international markets,
  • accounting and international finance,
  • international banking,
  • transnational corporations,
  • functioning of global supply chains.



A graduate of the second degree area "Economy" specialty "International Business" gains the following skills:

  • analysis and interpretation costs in the company for the purposes of decision-making,
  • assessment of the condition of the companies and their competition in the international market,
  • analysis and interpretation of economic phenomena,
  • preparation of development plans for companies operating in global markets,
  • strategic decision-making in a company's global markets,
  • negotiations with business partners,
  • implementation of innovative solutions in the enterprise.

List of modules

  • Consumer Behavior and Psychology;
  • Economic Analysis of Foreign Trade Enterprises;
  • Economics of Foreign Trade;
  • Economic Valuation of a Company;
  • Financial and Capital Market;
  • Human Capital Management;
  • International Business Negotiations;
  • International Economics;
  • International Financial Markets;
  • International Logistics;
  • Mathematical Economics;
  • Multicultural Communication;
  • The Company on the Global Market;
  • Transport in International Trade;
  • Unitary European Market.

Employment prospects

Graduates may apply for following positions: economist, economic advisor, interpreter in business negotiations. Moreover, graduates may find employment in Polish and foreign companies in following sections: finances, accounting, market analysis; also in: banks, insurance companies, tax and accounting offices, tax chambers, units of state and local authorities, companies engaged in foreign trade. Graduates will be thoroughly prepared also to run their own business.

The obtained results allow the graduate with specialization in "International Business" to:

  • work as a specialist in the import and export trade company, production companies engaged in trading activities in foreign markets;
  • work as a trade specialist in international corporations;
  • working in local government administration;
  • work in the chambers of commerce and economic;
  • work in the cells responsible for the economic analysis of production and trade;
  • work in transport companies, logistics service providers in positions related to the area of trade.

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